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We are listening to women's experiences and designing products specifically for them. 

photograph of the founder Louise Ben-Nathan

Established in 2021, by Louise Ben-Nathan, LBN innovations are committed to addressing an unmet patient need in women's health. Our founder's negative gynaecological experiences inspired her to start her push for change and innovation.

Cervical cancer, a nearly completely preventable disease, is on the rise, especially among non-white ethnic minority groups. This needs to change. At LBN Innovations, we believe in hearing women's experiences and designing innovative solutions to meet their needs. In particular, we are developing a revolutionary medical device to replace the speculum for cervical screening, providing a more comfortable and patient-centric experience.

Through our dedication to research, collaboration with healthcare professionals, and a focus on inclusivity, we are determined to bridge the gap in women's healthcare. Join us on this transformative journey toward a future where every woman's health is prioritized, and our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes cervical screening for improved patient outcomes


Winner 2023

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Winner Fast Start

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